No need to go
to a different
screen, turn to
a different
page, go to a
directory or
even pick up
the phone!
It's all right
You've created an awesome social & business network. Now you can better manage all your network
contacts, friends, family, associates and other businesses today.

Turn all phone numbers into an interactive phone. Make calls and send messages on all the application
sites. The Callndr    CALL Talking Head
   is turning all phone numbers into voice and messaging apps
which you like using. Use all the apps people like by including and interacting with all the apps people
like! Plan your calendar, schedule payments, make appointments and all using the interactive phone
number and messaging apps you like. Remain free to select the apps you like.

Contact people using computers or other voice and phone calling apps right from the calendars
including all the other applications like search pages, other websites, business and social networking
sites. Here's how!
You've managed to create a network!
Copyright 2018 Ametex, Inc., U.S. Patented Technology 8,666,772, U.S. Patent #8,666,772. The Callndr® CALL Talking Head ®. Other mark pronounced as, "CALLENDAR CALL".
Upgrade your Talking Head   with Talking Head Helper   part.
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Adding voice calling and messaging on all the apps, using all the apps people like
Talking Head    Helper gives you both apps at
the same time. Adding all the Premium
features to your Talking Head
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